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Change the Game
When it comes to the importance of winning soccer games at the youth level, few topics can elicit such visceral opinions. There are those who believe that placing an emphasis on winning at the youth level can be a destructive undertaking whereas others feel that winning, or trying to win, is a critical component of learning how to compete. Read more.

Rethinking the Female Game
Not long ago, I had a conversation with a knowledgeable football mind regarding the female game. He pointed out that we keep asking females to play the men's version of the game and fail to recognize that women are different in a number of ways... Read More.

Rethinking BC Soccer
Recently,, the British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA) has been requesting its members to complete a feedback survey. As an Associate Member of the BCSA, I wish to oblige and provide some written feedback. Given the longstanding disagreements between our academy and the BCSA, I've given a good deal of thought to not only how the BCSA conducts its affairs, but to the very purpose of the Association. Read more.

The Unlevel Playing Field
The primary problem surfacing today is that competition in the youth soccer market is not taking place on a level playing field. Soccer clubs and/or youth districts are severely limiting access to the youth soccer market through their control of the British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA)... Read More.

TSS Looks to Expand Select Program
TSS has announced the expansion of the Select Program next spring of 2014. This opportunity will be offered to a select number of U13 girls (2002/01 born) and U11 Boys (2004 born)... Read more.

HPL and Lessons from Japan
For those who had the pleasure of watching Japan compete and ultimately win the 2011 Women's World Cup, you must have been struck by a few things that stand in stark contrast to the youth game here in North America (particularly on the girl's side). For one, the Japanese players were small, very small, especially compared to the US national team... Read More.

The Blind Pursuit of Winning
Everyone likes to win. There’s no question that winning makes us feel good and makes us feel successful. But at what point does the pursuit of winning adversely affect our primary objective, which is to develop young players? Read More.