Hottest Soccer Wives

In recent years has been a phenomenon quite peculiar around the footballers, who always existed, has taken a certain time to date and even has already coined a term: the WAG’s.

Wives and Girlfriend as it is evident refers to the hottest soccer wives of the players, who must keep certain characteristics to ‘be able’ to be considered WAG’s, among which are: to be incredibly beautiful, to have a dream body and, in some cases, be related to show business.

Liga MX has not been spared from this ‘hot’ phenomenon, and in 90Min we decided to bring you the 7 best WAGs that have been seen by the blue stadium boxes supporting their men while they have defended Cruz Azul’s shirt on the pitch.

7. Gabriela Carrillo

Gabriela Carrillo

She was Gerardo’s girlfriend Jerry Flores at the time he played at Cruz Azul, and almost at the end of his stay with La Máquina in 2015, their relationship ended. The pair of chameleon eyes and delicate white complexion are the face of one of the most beautiful girls in Mexico.

6. Zoe Robb

Zoe Robb

Originally from Ireland, the sculptural Zoe Robb was the owner of Javier Aquino’s heart during many of the seasons that the extreme played with the celestial until his departure to Villareal of Spain that marked the turning point in a relationship that did not take long to break.

5. Melina Elizondo

Melina Elizondo
The most recent of all. Melina Elizondo conquered the hearts of all Cruz Azul fans when her husband, Spaniard Marc Crosas, arrived at the cement company in 2015.

It was a constant favorite of the social networks of all the fans.

4. Camila Domínguez

Probably the WAG that fewer reflectors had in Mexico, but that, in no way, takes away even a bit of its wonderful physical attractiveness. Camila Domínguez is Mauro’s wife Cat Formica, and the fans Azul enjoyed this spectacular woman the time that Mauro played for Cruz Azul.

3. Maria Fernanda Pérez

Maria Fernanda Pérez

At the beginning of the year, Joao Rojas had to speak in Ecuador, and not precisely because of something special with Cruz Azul or the Ecuadorian National Team, but because of the new girlfriend with whom he was seen.

Maria Fernanda Perez is an Ecuadorian actress and she sighs more than one in the South American country because she has a body worth seeing again and again.

2. Ana Bekoa

Ana Bekoa

His case was one of the most controversial about a former Cruz Azul player, the midfielder Marco Fabián, who today plays in Germany and already has another girlfriend but, without a doubt, he will never forget the beautiful Ana Bekoa.

Marco Fabián was, for a long time, the envy of almost the whole country having Bekoa as his girlfriend. There are still those who question themselves as ‘Marquito’ let her go.

1. Carolina Molinari

Carolina Molinari

Argentine model, representative, and wife of Mariano Pavone. Carolina Molinari is a woman who has shocked the fans of any team that her husband arrives because in Betis they dedicated a song to him and in River, he got into a mess of strong rumors – false – that linked him to the former president of the club, Daniel Passarella.

He once showed his desire to work in the Mexican media, but to our regret, he never reached the big screen of our television stations. Not to mention, we missed it.