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Sportstown and TSS to Relocate in 2014
When driving into Sportstown this weekend to attend your academy session, you will notice a re-zoning sign that's been posted at the entrance. Let me explain what that means. Read more.

TSS Selects Elite U19 Roster for 2012-013 Season
The TSS Elite Program is about to embark on its second year of operation beginning in April 2012. Players have now been selected for the 2012-2013 season of this groundbreaking 11-month program. Read more.

2011 Power Tournament
This year's tournament promises to be better than ever, with a projected 200+ teams competing in our small-sided competition. So during the winter break, keep your soccer team active and competitive in this wonderful indoor event. To register or to find out more, please visit the Power Tournament website.

TSS Launches Full-Time Program for U17-U18 Girls
TSS Academy is pleased to announce a new 11-month full-time program for advanced U17-U18 female soccer players. Known as the TSS Elite Women's Program, this initiative identifies 18 of the top U17-U18 players from the academy to compete in two different women's leagues. Read more.

HPL and Lessons from Japan
For those who had the pleasure of watching Japan compete and ultimately win the 2011 Women's World Cup, you must have been struck by a few things that stand in stark contrast to the youth game here in North America (particularly on the girl's side). For one, the Japanese players were small, very small, especially compared to the US national team... Read more.

TSS Joins Women's Premier League
For the first time in its history, TSS Academy will be fielding a team in the fall/winter season to compete in the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL). A select group of 1994-born players have been chosen from the academy to form a women's team in the premier division of the MWSL. Read more.

HPL Enters Business Arena
Our primary advice to others has been this: HPL is now a business. Don't let anyone fool you by hiding behind their non-profit status. When a club charges you as much as $2500 and pays their coaches upwards of $15,000 per team, it's a business - plain and simple. Read more.

  Register for TSS Summer Camps 2011
TSS will be holding summer soccer camps for boys and girls in July and August 2011. This is our 13th year of providing camps for players across the Lower Mainland, which will be taking place in a variety of locations over the two months. For more information and to register online, please visit our Summer Camps section.

Sportstown FC and TSS Academy Publish HPL Proposal
"This is a big change for youth soccer in BC," says Sportstown FC Technical Director Colin Elmes. "We feel that it's important for the soccer community to see what all the HPL proponents are offering in terms of coaching staff, technical development plan, fees, administration, etc. Read more.

Where Have All the BC Players Gone?
Back in January of this year I really began to notice a trend in National team selection that is quite disturbing, particularly if you are a BC born player. I looked at four (4) camps which were called by the CSA in the months of January and February. Here is what I found Read more.

The Blind Pursuit of Winning
Everyone likes to win. There’s no question that winning makes us feel good and makes us feel successful. But at what point does the pursuit of winning adversely affect our primary objective, which is to develop young players? Read more.

The Caps Out of the Bag
Major League Soccer (MLS) made a decision, supported and lobbied for by Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Toronto FC, to remove the Canadian-born player roster quota from 6 players to zero for the coming MLS season
. Read more.